Lets face it.  The inside of the computer was everything intimidating to me. Most of my adult life I have never even been curious. Keep in mind that everything I am writing at this point is through the eyes of this beginner.  Some things can  (and hopefully will)  change.

In my world of fixing computers it’s all new.   Starting with much of  the terminology which appears to be  cleverly made up of acronyms‘, the components inside a computer that resemble a jigsaw puzzle, endless choices  of available software, diagnostics which is still part of a very hazy dream sequence that I haven’t entered yet,  the PC Assembly language number system which is a mystery all its own and the computer forum where in the beginning everyone seemed to know their way around but me.  I have forced myself  to hang in there when almost every post I would read seemed to boggle my mind.  And the rants in my head were saying “what are you doing here.  You are totally out of your league girl”( thank God the rants have subsided and are now pretty much only whispers.)

Beginners, entering the computer world of being your own IT is entering a  world of computer acronyms. I have never really been fond of acronyms because they don’t tell me anything.  However, get use to it because they are here to stay and for Pete’s sake you are just expected to know.  Why are you expected to know? I don’t know.  Me, I end up looking up the meaning of every stinking one of them (pardon my language).  But pretty much the other computer language is in ACRONYMS.  Occasionally, some kind soul will spell it out for you, but don’t get use to it.  However, I concede, once you do know them they are good short cuts.  There is also PC Assembly Language (oh my gosh I bought a book) for which I don’t see me ever being ready.

Components I personally refer to as the “exact” area. Software and diagnostics I refer to as the “gray” area which will take some explaining later.

After buying the  Computer Repair Vids from BE YOUR OWN IT and the tool kit (because I never do things in a small way) the most logical course of action was  registering with the computer forum. You will find my posts under, what else, Iowa Mrs.

The forum seemed to me to be pretty much a man’s world. I know that is not entirely true but it was from the gentlemen that I  received 98% of the help. Not to say there is anything wrong with that.  When it came to needing their help,  I was never treated  like an outsider who  didn’t know anything (which is the way I felt much of the time).  Nor at anytime did I feel that my apparent  stupid questions were not allowed.   I found in the forum various levels of knowledge and experience.   I also helped establish a section specific to beginners like myself.  I found the forum to be a “community” of people striving to understand many of the  same things at different levels.  It was a must for this beginner.

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One Response to HOW I SEE THINGS

  1. I don’t even know assembly:P

    If you are looking to out geek me you will succeed if that is your plan of attack.

    Honestly coming from the other angle; it is so much nicer than you could possibly imagine to be able to talk to someone who has question or doesn’t understand and actually wants to learn. So many of the people who say “I was born in the wrong era” or “I’m too old or too slow for PC’s have relegated themselves to a self enforced prison of ignorance.

    It is all about wanting and having the passion to learn, to expand the horizons you see around you. Even if you think you couldn’t be the least bit helpful, even if you think you are too old to learn how to do something, a willing mind will never annoy me. Even if its silly little questions like how do I rename files and how do I open .pdf’s; if you are really listening to the explanation and can absorb the information in a reasonable amount of time I will be more than happy to help any way I can.

    We are glad to have you with us 🙂

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