I guess you could say I have always been a member of the black and white club.  I like it when things are black and white; few surprises. I like  to solve my mystery’s in the latest book I am reading not so much in the work I am doing. Boring I know.     My background is Accounts Payable.  In the accounting field 1+1=2.  And if it doesn‘t, there is a mathematical reason why not and you go looking for it and then you balance. AHHHH! There is such a sweetness to balancing. All is right with the world.  There is no sustained  gray area when balancing numbers.  In accounting, if one has managed to create a sustained gray area then one might be called a creative bookkeeper and that could lead to one wearing a lovely new silver bracelet and a new home behind bars.

But what does all this have to do with my new world of fixing computers.  I call it the exact areas and the gray areas.  Now, if you have been paying attention you will be able to tell which area I prefer up to this point.  I much prefer “exacts”.  However,  I do recognize that if I am to be successful in this new venture and move forward, I will need to prepare myself  for change.

Working with computer components (all the hardware inside the computer) is what I refer to as the exact area.  Looks much like a jigsaw puzzle doesn’t it.  I do have high hopes that someday the specific technical information about computer components that make them the “exacts” will just roll of my tongue.

Components inside the computer all have specific jobs.  Their functionality is to work together to make the computer do what we need it to do everyday; components like a hard drive, CPU(central processing unit or the brains)  power supply, mother board to which all the components connect.  If I haven’t’ connected these “exacts” correctly (1+1=2) they can’t do  their jobs and  specific problems will ensue; they don’t “balance” so-to-speak.  Components are tangible pieces which, at this point in my journey,  I have found  the easiest to  relate to. They have to be the exact components that equal the job and they have to be added or connected correctly.    I heard someone say recently that working with computer components is boring. Ok! So here is where I relate to boring.

The Software and diagnostics side of computers is what I call the gray area; the “grays”.   I find them more nebulas, hazy, harder to pin down.  I view them  as “You might need this and then again it could be this or you might need to do this.” Not as exact if you get my drift.  If you have ever seen computer diagnostics flow charts you will understand my meaning.

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One Response to EXACTS VS GRAYS

  1. Personally I like components much more than software, except when I’m writing it.

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