When I first started the computer forum in January  of this year, I was technically challenged. On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being totally inept  and 10 being Super Tech) I am now about a 3.  I am not really much further along.  Or maybe I should turn that around and say look how far I have come.  Learning to fix computers is, after all, a crazy hobby. Crazy hobby? I decided to look up the word crazy to see if it fits.  Here are a few of the synonyms I came up with; unwise, silly, senseless, irrational, wild, cracked (informal), stupid, outrageous, outlandish, ridiculous, bizarre, peculiar, weird, eccentric, odd, zany and daft.  I think I like the word  outrageous. The whole idea of my learning to fix computers is “outrageous”.  Yet,  here I am blogging about  it at 3AM because 1) I can’t sleep and  I have committed to myself to blog about my experience and 2) daily employment and life in general has left me little time to blog let alone pursue this computer learning venture.  However, it is written, Faith without works is dead. My faith isn’t dead and neither is my desire to learn. But I digress.

It is sometimes exhausting just fighting off those feelings of being overwhelmed with the technical aspects about the computer.  Technical aspects!!!! Heck, the whole IT (Information Technology) business is technical.  I have spent many a time reading and rereading a post in the computer forum with minimal  comprehension.  But, even now sitting here blogging, I am reminded that this is a journey. Sometimes a journey of baby steps, but a journey none the less. A journey that I have chosen. So what is my hurry, anyway.  And occasionally I have  “light bulb” moments.  In fact, I rely on them and expect them.   Just recently it dawned on me the difference between megabytes and gigahertz. Gigahertz is in reference to CPU clock speed. The CPU(Central Processing Unit), folks, is the brains of your computer. Just a little guy not much bigger than a match book.I was so surprised how small it was the first time I took it out of my computer.  The gigahertz light bulb moment for me came in the revelation  of  “speed” as opposed to megabytes which are units of storage. Computer storage and memory is often measured in megabytes.  I am sure a Super Tech could give a much more superior explanation,  but for this IT beginner, speed and units of measure are something I can wrap my brain around.  I will never complete my computer technical training, but for now this is a good place to halt.  And now for your technical enjoyment,   I have included a couple of test questions courtesy of BEYOUROWNIT  forum.  Feel free to hop  over to the BEYOUROWNIT forum and take a quiz to see how much YOU know.  And stay with me through the months as I work to achieve a technical triumph.

Which Speed Is Faster?
33 Mhz
733 Bhz

. Which Hard Drive Size Is Largest?


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  1. pienbiscuits says:

    That was a good explanation of the difference between Ghz and megabytes. I will now try and answer the questions.

    1. 3Ghz.
    2. 1TB.

    What do I win?

  2. KGMJr32 says:

    Nice article Mrs…Well done and informative.

  3. KGMJr32 says:

    When is your next article?

  4. KGMJr32 says:

    A couple of new ones for you to read…

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