Depending on who you ask, some might say an IT Beginner Essential might be a good computer tool kit. I have been around the computer forum for a year now and thought I would start 2011  with a couple of, what I believe to be, IT  Beginner  Essentials. I would have to say the biggest essential for me today  is “staying power”.  No matter what is looks like, what it sounds like or how you feel about your progress, keep coming back or better yet just stay put.  Even if your computer is working fine and nothing is going on and you feel you have nothing to contribute. You might even find yourself in a holding pattern.  Too many people register and then leave the forum after they have gotten what they needed   There is always so much more to learn. And so many others that can be helped.  And the surface has only been scratched. Even with the basic knowledge that I have acquired over the last year, I have been able to help a handful of people.

The second essential is “Don’t necessarily always depend on others. Learn the benefit of what it takes to google your own solution”. There is a wealth of information on the net.  You may or may not find the answer, but each time you will come a little closer and it serves as an essential tool when others are not always available with a quick answer. And you can always brings questions back to the forum. I have found it good practice to address someone’s computer problem that has been posted on the forum  by going to google and researching the problem myself and offering a solutions by supplying the link that I have found. And occasionally I have hit the mark.  It is fairly easy to google a problem using the actual key words of the problem by including as much of the problem as you can.  For example: monitor screen goes black or what are the computer beeps telling me This way you will always have help available.

And last but not least, I do have a computer tool kit.  That goes without say. Once you find the solution you go about fixing it and a good tool kit  provides  essential hand held tools the savvy beginner can use.

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I am learning to fix computers
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  1. KGMJr32 says:

    Nice job Mrs…

    Exactly how I got going 5 years ago…

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