What do you do when you have a full-time job that is not about fixing computers; you own a home that needs attention all the time and you have to manage the business in the home and the extra time needed to focus on fixing computers isn’t always available. How do you stay hungry? Action breeds action.

Know yourself. Know yourself. My interest in fixing computers is only a small part of my life. It is a challenge every day to stay hungry for more information; more knowledge. The understanding of the workings of computers has never come easy. And my challenge today is keeping that hunger alive. I went from being an occasional computer user at home to finding myself in a forum with some people who eat, sleep and drink computer knowledge. There are those who have a grasp of the workings of a computer that I will never have. So how do I make it all work? How do I keep my hand in the pie when so many others seem to be passing me by? The way I have learned to attack everything when my life seems to get really busy and I am feeling overwhelmed; one piece of knowledge at a time. Or one small project at a time. I have learned a lot about myself over the years. And what is right for some people isn’t necessarily right for me. The way others do things isn’t necessarily the way I need to do things. If this same shoe fits you, wear it my friend. Use it for attacking computers or just plain life in general.

I am not particularly fond of cleaning house. However, the floors still need washing and the furniture needs dusting. So what do I do so I am not living in a pit and become consumed by guilt because I feel I am not keeping up with other housewives. It is called my “one piece of furniture at a time or one room at a time theory”. On weekends I make it a goal to clean one thing in one room at time. Honestly, that often leads to more than one. But the goal is just one thing. Action breeds action.

Although I have never applied this theory to fixing computers, it starts today. I have an unorganized room of non-working computers screaming at me. I have a small Phillips Head screwdriver that should be in my computer tool kit that I can’t find which I use the most often when I attack the inside of a computer. I have new, unopened boxes of components that need to find a home. I have CD’s of various operating systems in precarious places. And I have an unanswered situation with my test computer that needs to be rectified. At present, my test computer starts, loads stays on but the screen goes black after about an hour.

Now, where did I put that Phillips Head screwdriver.

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  1. Monte says:


    Thanks for the link to my web site,

    There is more to an IT Tool Box besides the phyical tools, you see you need to add more tools like image creating software, some stand alone Anti Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Malware software and so forth.

    Here is a page I wrote a while back for beginners:

    See you around the web. 🙂

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