I live in Urbandale, Iowa, with my husband of 18 years. I am 58 years old and we have no children. I started wanting to fix computers as more of a hobby 7 months ago, and also as something to challenge my mind. Boy! does it challenge my mind (and everything else) LOL. I started an IT Beginner’s Blog about my experience as a writing  outlet and to, hopefully, encourage others like myself to step out in faith and experience something new; perhaps something they have  never considered or thought possible. I also enjoy movies and streaming through Netflix and working Sudoku puzzles. My husband is the one who likes to cook  : )  Thank goodness. I am from Iowa and I love it  in the autumn and not in the summer.  I also lived in  Los Angeles, CA, for 16 years. I moved back to Iowa 1989.  I guess that is about it.


4 Responses to About

  1. harrythehandyman says:

    i see you have just started your blog keep it up it has taken me 6 to 9 months of hard work on mine and any help you need leave me a comment

    also i’m a member for about 2 years on computerhope what is your name on it , i’m harry48

    • iowamrs70 says:

      Since I am still new at this I am hoping you get my reply. Actually BEYOUROWNIT is my main forum. Been working with that forum since January. My name is Iowa Mrs in both forums. Thanks for the encouragement. I was trying to do one post a week but got a little discouraged. Glad I found the showcase forum. Let me know if you get this. And I see you are from the UK. Time difference.

    • iowamrs70 says:

      Harry I do have a blog question. I wanted to change me header to a picture of someone skydiving for my NNEP Post.. It was a really cool picture but I didn’t know if pictures on the web are up for grabs or are there legal ramifications.

      • Sarah Baram says:

        Hello Iowa Mrs! Most pictures online are copyrighted and owned by who ever took them or uploaded them. If you can find the owner of the photograph, I would say ask them. If not, try and find out whether or not the photo is copyrighted. Chances are if you use it, whoever owns it, if it is owned, will seldom find out you are using it. But, just for good measure!

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